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Starting off as an actor, Dana Abraham began taking strides in directing and writing, launching his career with the globally recognized short-film, PRISONER OF FEAR, which has screened in film festivals in Johannesburg, South Africa; HBO’s film festival in New York City, and multiple other cities across North America, including Toronto.


Through continuous writing of screenplays, Dana has established a portfolio of films under his arsenal that soon began capturing the eyes of those keen to creatively pursue filmmaking, including EL TIGRE, originally optioned by a studio.


The Co-Founder of Red Hill Entertainment, debuted as a Producer on MATERNAL, starring Amybeth McNulty (“Anne with an E”) and Colm Feore (“Bon Cop, Bad Cop”), a 90-minute psychological-thriller, in which he played Dr. J. Perez.


Dana has since then starred in NEON LIGHTS as Clay Amani, alongside Kim Coates (“Sons of Anarchy,” and Netflix’s “Bad Blood”), now streaming on Apple TV and Prime Video, along with anywhere you can rent or buy movies.

Recently, Dana also appeared in episode six of the CBS's latest series, GOOD SAM, across Sophia Bush and Jason Isaac, in the role of Darius Evans. 


Additionally, Dana stars across Rob Raco ("Riverdale"), along with Brandon McKnight ("The Flash"), Jessica Amlee ("Heartland") and Stephen Tracey ("The Expanse"), in upcoming feature film A HUNDRED LIES; a film truthfully depicting the volatility of Toronto's music industry, also written by Abraham.

Up next, Dana has adapted the film BLACK CAT, based on Edgar Allan Poe's short story, "The Black Cat," into a contemporary, diverse feature film, helming the lead role of Sukeeb Paul- tech-tycoon intertwined in a mysterious and haunting possession, that dates back to his mother, in rural Bangladesh.




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A Hundred Lies
El Tigre
Beyond the Red Lips

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